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Depicting life vs. Sanitizing

Lauren Winner on alcohol in Christian books: "…the increasing willingness of Christian publishers to show casual imbibing may be another step in the direction of depicting, rather than sanitizing, ordinary American life." I love the way Lauren says this, distilling the distinction (so to speak). "Depicting rather than sanitizing." If art reflects life, isn’t including real depictions of ordinary American
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We the People (In and) Of the Book

Happy belated 4th of July! Hope you had a good one. My own family celebrated in style, on our butts, transfixed by the kaleidoscope of imported explosive devices that screamed and flashed and with any luck, helped to feed many underprivileged Chinese families for another few months. But sitting there, pondering the freedom we so often take for granted in
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Good to the last page

In our profession, Coffee—note the capital C—is lifeblood. There’s a reason for that. And it isn’t just flavor. So this morning, my wife came up while I was getting ready. “Deep thought,” she said as she sipped. “If you don’t use enough beans, you’re just wasting it.” Deep thought, indeed. Why go to the effort of making it if you
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What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for

"You’re looking a lot of times for escape. That’s I think why Christian fiction initially wasn’t viewed as something valid to the Christian walk, because it was more of an escape. But when you can come into a story, the walls of your heart are down. We can use more storytelling, I think, on our journey to understanding faith."

The desire for mystery

The movie opens on a pile of top hats in a forest. A man explains the 3 steps of a good magic trick. And the real story begins, the story that happened before all this. We meet the black box that duplicates anything. Top hats. Cats. People. You wonder: How can this possibly end well? And yet, the ending, ambiguous
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