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What to Do When You Suspect It’s Not Enough

“Doubtless some ancient Greek has observed that behind the big mask and the speaking-trumpet, there must always be our poor little eyes peeping as usual and our timorous lips more or less under anxious control.” – George Eliot, Middlemarch, 1871 So you’re finally ready to get honest? You’re finally ready to admit that your writing is no good? Congratulations. Welcome to
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Why You Can Never Fail

I need a story about failure,” I said to Sheri and the girls as we sat down to a Saturday night dinner of take-out pizza. “Surely you can help me think of something,” I added, laughing. “Should be plenty of material.”  But whether they knew something they didn’t want to share, or couldn’t think of anything, no one had an answer.
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How to Know If You Have What It Takes in 5 Seconds

You don’t have to know if you have what it takes. You just have to know that you will take what you’ve been given and make something of that. ~ Ann Voskamp As a coach and consultant to writers, I get asked one question constantly: “Do I have what it takes?” For over 13 years, I’ve spoken at writers conferences, always repeating
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