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What to Do When You Suspect It’s Not Enough

“Doubtless some ancient Greek has observed that behind the big mask and the speaking-trumpet, there must always be our poor little eyes peeping as usual and our timorous lips more or less under anxious control.” – George Eliot, Middlemarch, 1871 So you’re finally ready to get honest? You’re finally ready to admit that your writing is no good? Congratulations. Welcome to
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Getting the New Words Down

There’s no other goal. And yet, so often, it feels like the only thing I can’t manage to do. So I’m constantly searching for help. It’s a perk of running a site for writers as long as I have—I get the direct benefit. All the great insights and stories of writers struggling just like all of us, people you’d think
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Is longing enough?

Is longing enough? You don’t often believe so. And maybe too unbelieving, too afraid to admit, you strive to feel something you don’t, something real again of this living water, and a love for his life. Something that may not have happened exactly, though you do remember and it persists. Its truth seems to have expanded the bowl, beyond your
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