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Writing Is a Process, Not a Product

I absolutely love the classic wisdom from Donald M. Murray, Teach Writing as a Process Not Product. Speaking to English teachers and writing instructors, he says too often we become frustrated because we focus on the product, which is subpar. We want literature and what we’re holding is obviously not it. So we use our training and attempt to point out
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How to Edit Out FEAR–for Good

It’s still early. That’s true. A true sentence. Regardless of how little there is left of the day, it’s still early. There’s time yet to write the daily clutch of words. Despite the fact that my brain is doing its usual whirring with all the things to get done, the manuscripts needing edits, consult calls to make, talks and articles
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How to Write What Matters

People still ask if I'm doing okay and I tell them I've never been happier. Sure, we're starting to recognize the gray insides of the silver lined clouds, but mostly, we're amazingly okay despite my decision not to return to analog publishing.  Speaking of old publishing, feast your eyes on these libraries. Oh, where will we bookies be in 20
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