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Starting Over, Starting Again

Hello from Grand Rapids! We’ve officially moved to Michigan. I accepted an offer for a new job at Zondervan, as Senior Acquisitions Editor responsible for new and several existing nonfiction projects. I’m excited, a bit nervous, and completed surprised by the whole thing. It wasn’t in the 10-year plan at all, and yet when I listened to the job description and considered what I’d actually be doing–working to help authors create great books, mainly–it felt like me from the get go.

Of course, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to two people in particular–Ann, for her loyalty and confidence in me, and for proving to me that being real, vulnerable, and true to oneself is a viable path in this industry, and Sandy, an incredibly kind editor who helped me gain a hearing. Several other influential friends spoke up for me as well, and I’m so grateful.

By freelancing for eight years, I got to know even better the challenge of structuring books that can compete for attention and gain interest. It’s such hard work for authors to learn what it takes. But in this role, it will be much more about finding the chance to meaningfully connect with the rare few who can maintain their sense of themselves and speak with honesty, even under pressure and from a high level of visibility. To do that and still recognize their position in the crowded market, without ego but with true awareness, and probably having worked with an agent or coach who’s helped them identify and refine that particular brand and message, it’s quite a gift. And it comes with a great responsibility to carry well.

The main thing is, this first week has felt charged with potential, like a defining moment, a chance to see if the change that’s been so long in coming to the Christian market is actually, finally here. Of course, to say it like that sounds a bit ridiculous; change is always happening. But specifically, I believe the cult of personality that’s been unfortunately influencing the big retail industry for years has also recently been shifting toward a new thirst for authenticity. And I believe this is what makes the moment feel so weighty with potential. Not because of me, or any one person or factor in particular. But because the spirit of God is moving. And when Aslan’s on the move, you can be sure change is coming, in so many places and so many unseen ways.

And I guess I fee it’s worth investing in that simple hope. A hope that sincere people with a humble commitment to being spirit-led can be a force of change even now.

We’re just getting settled into our new house, the girls into school, and me into my new office. It’ll all bring its share of struggle no doubt as well. I’ll try to share about that as I’m able here. I’ve been neglecting giving the update, overwhelmed by it, and no sure quite how to say it, so when this finally came, it seemed time. Apologies for being out of touch–the move and adjustment were a whole lot to manage.

But I’m feeling excited to get to work and to share now and then about this new adventure. And we do appreciate all the support and prayers.

More soon…

For the higher purpose,


10 Responses to “Starting Over, Starting Again”

  1. Karen Farris says:

    This sounds like the kind of God-inspired adventure, divinely designed to do things you’d never expect. Jeremiah 33:3 is a lean-on verse in new situations for me: Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know

  2. Congrats, Mick. Zondervan and their stable of writers are blessed to have you on board. Sounds like a great move for you too, other than that living in Michigan thing….

  3. Terri Picone says:

    It’s nice to hear you and your family are getting settled. Change is often good, and I trust this is a good one for all of you. I think the coming snow (versus rain, rain, rain) will be a good reminder that change can be beautiful, too.

    • Mick says:

      Yes! Snow is beautiful. And fun. As is rain. Often, successive gray days and lack of sunlight can begin to feel oppressive. But if you can adjust your expectations and tune in to the unique beauty and pace winter brings, it can be a very spiritually rich time. I kind of love it, actually. Aside from feeling empathy for all those affected by SAD, like my wife. Thanks for the well-wishes, Terri. Still hoping to read your novel soon!

  4. Aslan on the move. I like that thought! No matter where you write from, you’re good reading.

    • Mick says:

      You’re too kind. Thanks for being such a long-time reader, Paulette!

  5. Betty Cowart says:

    Congratulations — what an amazing adventure you’re on! I wish you and your family the best in this next chapter. God has you exactly where you need to be, and I trust you’ll soon see why. :-)

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