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Makebelievers description

When 28-year-old Zeke Van Wyk finally leaves his dead parents’ faith to join Dr. Modoc’s “mind-spirit” therapy program, he finds God, love, and incredible miracles—along with some terrifying side-effects.


Back cover:

You may remember things differently now. That’s good. It means your faith can finally start over.”

Fed up with American Christianity, 28-year-old suburbanite Zeke Van Wyk is burned out trying pretend he still believes in the religion his parents devoted their lives to. Ever since the car accident in his childhood that took them away, he’s been fighting off a crisis of faith. Quitting his cake job at a high-profile international Christian ministry, he and aimless childhood friend Slope receive an invitation from charismatic neuroscience professor, Dr. Brant Modoc, to take part in a “faith-regenerating” therapy program. As beautiful tech assistant Avie administers their selectively-revised flashbacks, Zeke experiences God’s love for the first time, along with some miraculous abilities. But clarity comes at a devastating price. And as their memories begin to fade, they must discover what’s really happened before the truth is lost forever. When belief, free will, and the unanswerable are replaced with absolute certainty, what sort of life would really be left?

Chapter 1

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  1. suzee B says:

    crazy good, OB, crazy good!

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