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Your Writers Group: Mission Statement

Welcome to the new and improved blog of the-revolutionary-formerly-known-as-My-Writers-Group.

You are now engaged in humble, hopeful dialog at “Your Writers Group.” Mainly, the change in format and title is to clarify that even though this is a personal blog, written by little me, it’s not about me. And it’s not about you. It’s about (you guessed it) God and what He wants us to do about this call on our lives to write Christian fiction.

A mission of this blog is to provide a forum for the discussion of Christian fiction and its creation. Since we’re dealing with a very large and profitable industry, the development of Christian fiction through the efforts of sincere individuals produces unfortunate byproducts from time to time. Sometimes we talk about this.

Sometimes, we all have difficulty remembering our primary goal, being responsible and obedient to God. Many of our discussions derive from frustration over the restrictions placed on writers by the current CBA reading audience, restrictions that have nothing to do with obedience to God, but rather personal tastes, immature prejudices, and plain ignorance. I believe the problem has sneaked by many people, from writers to editors to executives, but we’re not here to fix it, nor are we here to spread further ignorance and confusion on the subject. One of the unspoken uses of this blog is to arrive at a deeper understanding of the problem and methods for influencing it. As a result, at times, we will be wrong. My views are highly subjective and not intended to dissuade people from the primary goal of this site: encouraging friends, helping brothers and sisters who consider Christian fiction their calling, the majority of whom aspire to understand more about the issues discussed here, and hope to have a positive impact on our industry.

The second goal of this website is to distill concepts that aid in the creation of Christian fiction. Methods may differ, and some ideas may not be particularly helpful to you. I request you rely on discernment to discover what is appropriate insight or compromise, and what might be bad for your particular goals.

Third, Your Writers Group is concerned with promoting the integrity of CBA fiction, striving for balance between reckless salaciousness, hopelessness, or worldliness of other types of fiction, without falling into the trap of pandering, low quality, or superficiality. Once again, there can be no absolute standard here, only discussion, respectful dialog, and encouragement. If something I say offends you, I’d ask you to go back further and discover whether or not that statement was intended to characterize the whole of the site, or if it was an isolated comment. I’d also ask that if you do find a statement that doesn’t seem in keeping with this goal of balance, you let me know about it so I can revisit my ideas and grow by your influence, as I dedicate to doing for you.

Occasionally, strong opinions may be offered. Yet, in place of jumping to conclusions, we ask readers to continue seeking deeper awareness of the issue and the purity or impurity of the motives of the speaker. If you find a lack of balance or respect at the root of a particular comment, I hope you will see it as your duty to let the speaker know how you feel and respond thoughtfully and responsibly.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will be encouraged and challenged by what you read.

2 Responses to “Your Writers Group: Mission Statement”

  1. siouxsiepoet says:

    awww, that’s sweet. a kinder gentler you. but, and forgive me for being THICK but isn’t all that the unwritten intent of your original purpose? not to necessarily offend or brow-beat but if you did crush any delicate toes, to be told in love? i think we too oft avoid conflict with those who speak their mind and this is not a good thing. this is a let the loudest voice make the decisions, take the heat, whatever. and the quiet one is absolved of responsibility for putting their opinion out there, which would balance the one who started the conversation in the first place. but there is a great fear of where conversation will lead, what one will look like if one speaks and so on.
    discernment and prayer must be the rule, not the exception. correction in love, the standard unwritten practice. not only offered when explicitly requested.

  2. Deb Kinnard says:

    Mick, you write: One of the unspoken uses of this blog is to arrive at a deeper understanding of the problem and methods for influencing it.
    Methods for influencing the problem: hmm, let’s sort this through. A writer may come up with a swell method, but lack a platform to make his idea known. A CBA reader may deplore the lack of whatever he/she prefers to read, but isn’t this in truth mainly influenced by what’s out there to be purchased? And an editor can only be heard within his/her particular corner of the publishing business.
    What methods of influence, therefore, can a reader/writer exert?

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