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Yes, the 30-Day Story Course Is Happening!

“So, what’s this course about and who’s it for?”

I’m glad you asked.

two roads diverge

Two roads diverged in a wood… Which road will you take?

The 30-day story course is for anyone writing something they feel a bit daunted by. Anyone who recognizes there’s a lot they need to do, and not a lot of actual insight about how to do it.

If you have a book and you want it published, or you just want to know if what you’ve got is any good, this course will tell you.

Here’s the pitch:

You want to share an excellent work.

But there’s a GAP between the vision and your ability…


Okay, so you don’t need a bunch of tips and techniques. 

You only need a few basic ones.

And those are absolutely necessary.

In 4 weeks, I’m giving my professional coaching and editing instruction on …

* Character *   What’s compelling?

* Structure *   What happens?

* Voice *   Is it original?

* Editing *   What’s vital, what’s not?

That’s it.

 Because practice with the tools is all a writer needs.

(Well, that and a good editor.)

During the course, every Monday, you’ll get a progressive lesson on the week’s skill. Then each Friday when you send your pages, on Saturday you’ll receive my feedback. A $500 value at 80% off.

(Because I want you to write better.)

Space is limited because I can’t read everyone’s books–I mean, I do want to, but when I try, my eyes get red and my wife gets nervous and….well, I just can’t. So first come, first served.

The Writer’s 30-day Story Course starts May 1 right here.

So sign-up now!

Click here.

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