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“What is the revolution?”

I come from California where I learned to love the beach at an early age. I went to school in Santa Barbara and learned to surf on a longboard in Santa Monica.

So I have an interesting way of speaking. It tends to color my world in this sea-green tinge, so I apologize if I’m not being specific enough about this revolution thing. I also apologize for the surfing metaphors I often use.

A few people have asked about this “Christian writing revolution” thing. I guess to me, the central question is not what but why? Why are we writing? It’s why I started this blog. It’s why I sit down to write every evening. It’s what motivates me and excites me about the job I do.

To give people a view of the world they otherwise wouldn’t have.

To give people a view of God they otherwise wouldn’t have.

To inspire people to think of a life they otherwise wouldn’t have.

To invoke in people a love for others that they can’t escape.

Isn’t that revolutionary?

If we believe we are called by God as messengers, are we not revolutionaries to speak of it?

What is this “Christian writing revolution?”

If you’re a Christian and a writer, you already know what I’m talking about. The revolution is the place where those two states intersect. First it happens to you, then it happens through you.

Industry rumblings indicate change is happening in Christian publishing. Break-out books point to a potential to be seized. That’s all great news, but it’s not the revolution I’m talking about.

This revolution is happening on sites like The Master’s Artist,
Faith in Fiction, Image Journal , and countless blogs like the friends to the left. We’re not the same tepid, watered-down faithful. We’ve got more than bland platitudes to share. We’re learning about the creativity available in God’s true nature and we’re seeing our abilities to express it grow and stretch. The Internet is part of it, writer’s and crit groups, professional conferences and organizations, and the common goal of many industry “insiders” to raise the bar in Christian books. Many of us are committed, not just to seeing the change, but to personal excellence in our writing disciplines–and we’re seeing some exciting results.

That’s what I’m talking about. It extends to fiction and non-fiction, CBA and inspirational ABA, traditional genres and edgy, gritty alternative titles. That’s what I’m excited about and that’s what I want this blog to inspire in you. We’re all in this together, whether those on the outside accept it or not. I want to help you catch the vision and point you in the direction of the great instruction out there on the horizon that rolling in.

It will never be an easy ride for us. Jesus promised that. But even that is exciting when you see what’s coming. This site is for all of us together to learn how to ride the crest of this wave rather than dodge the undertow. All we have to do is pay attention to the lessons. And then hop up on that board and ride.

3 Responses to ““What is the revolution?””

  1. Katy Raymond says:

    Mick, I’m happy to have found your blog through The Master’s Artist. I also enjoy the faith in fiction site, and can’t get enough of the folks over at ACRW. (Randy keeps all the middle-aged ladies–tee, hee!–in line…)
    Thanks for what you’re doing here! I can tell already that I’ll keep coming back…

  2. Two of my children are in competitive sports. They must answer serious questions regularly? Am I willing to make the sacrifces it takes to get better at my sport? Will I meet and defeat my fears? Will I leave any sort of lasting impact? etc.
    I often struggle with the same issues as a writer. I get lazy and don’t always want to do my metaphorical situps. I resent it when the “Coach” tries to push (okay, some would call it motivate) me to perform at a higher level.
    I don’t know whether my children will be Olympians (I rather doubt it), but every writer has the potential for tremendous impact. I should be like the athlete in training–willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal.
    Thanks, Coach Mick, for encouraging us to be revolutionary communicators!

  3. Gnarly, dude! I’m totally stoked. Bring on a tsunami-sized revolution, and let’s ride. ;)

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