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Why Do You Write?

Writers. They think too much.

Trust me, I know. They’ve got big ideas and tend to be thinker types, easily convinced to share their passion, their books, or anything they’re just figuring out.

They’re compulsive sharers.

On a mission.

But how do they get strangers to care about what they write?

How do they bottle that passion and find the right label?

Convincing people that your book is worth their time, worthier than the kajillion other books out there, requires refining, targeting, positioning and packaging your message to the right audience.

But I believe success comes down to writing for the sheer crazy love of it. So as an editor, I first try to ensure that love gets protected, even as it’s shaped to be shared clearly and compellingly.

After all, books sell best when readers fall in love and are compelled to share it.

And I think good editing just ensures that doesn’t get lost in translation.

Are you hoping to share not just why your story is incredible, but how you live it?

In my weekly “Monday Motivator” email right (<–) over there, I share my thoughts and stories about this very personal process.

And the rest of the time, I help writers share and refine their stories as an editor and writer coach–in a respectful and friendly kind of way.

For rates on coaching, editing or an evaluation you can email me at: micksilvaediting@gmail.com Or if you’d like to read more about me, my writing motivationbooks I recommend, or how to create a proposal and what you need to be published, all that is in the top menu…

I look forward to possibly connecting with you more.


2 Responses to “Why Do You Write?”

  1. Ginni Kennedy says:

    Mick, you really should put your blogs into a book along with your photos. They always touch me.

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