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What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for

"You’re looking a lot of times for escape. That’s I think why Christian fiction initially wasn’t viewed as something valid to the Christian walk, because it was more of an escape. But when you can come into a story, the walls of your heart are down. We can use more storytelling, I think, on our journey to understanding faith."

4 Responses to “What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for”

  1. Love that last sentence. Takes me back to the true meaning of myth: stories of our identity.

  2. What about the opening?

    Karen Kingsbury, a popular inspirational novelist, has sold upwards of 5 million books. She wrote eight books last year alone and can sometimes turn out a draft in five days.

  3. I noticed that Jules.

  4. L.L. Barkat says:

    Jesus told stories as a way to understanding faith. But I rarely feel like I’ve had an escape when I hear them. Nabbed is more like it.

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