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The Good Ship Christian Publishing

I love it, you know. I do. I complain about it, but it’s really a fun business. There are some bland characters, but there are so many interesting ones too. Mostly authors. They make the job fun. The ones who really make it fun are those who are just this side of heathens, you know what I mean? I think you do.

I’ve met so many people in my job, that I almost feel bad considering it a job. It’s more like a social club with a paycheck—okay, and a lot of mind-numbing, menial tasks thrown in. But as much as I complain and talk about where I’d like to see CBA grow to, I’m enjoying where I am in the big boat, down toward the bottom left porthole with the other stowaways and dreamy vagabonds. The day I start thinking I belong up on deck with the conversationalists is the day I know it’s time to jump ship. I’m just having a grand time while it lasts.

It’s really strange how the whole publishing game works from my little porthole view. You’d not doubt be shocked and probably dismayed by all the loose ends and questionable dealings we use to turn into loose, questionable books. Hopefully, books that sell. And so far, it seems that this strange fuel is perfectly adequate for our locomotion (okay, I feel like I mixed metaphors there, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want). Of course, adequate is only, well, adequate.

It will take writers, readers, editors, publishers, accountants, designers, sales reps, bookstore owners, and marketers who all believe in the future of the industry—this place we’re fond of talking about where CBA is heading—to get anything more out of this old ship. But in the meantime, I’m hanging out in a pretty cool ship, getting to know some fun people, and I can’t complain too loudly. I know my mood will change and I’ll have days that would be better forgotten. But today, I’m hopeful for the destination.

And I just think it’s good to take advantage of those impulses when they arise to share the excitement with your sea-faring friends.

Ahoy, me hardies. Let’s share a good story and sail on to morning.

2 Responses to “The Good Ship Christian Publishing”

  1. Man, if I had known you guys were looking for “loose, questionable” books, I would have sent you one a long time ago…. :)

  2. Mick, I’ve just discovered and bookmarked this blog. Great stuff — write more, quick.

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