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The Celebration Continues…

For those of you aware of it, Pat Loomis has begun what I’m sure will be the next wave in Christian publishing, a blog-linking, cross-promotional thing called a “Celebration of New Christian Fiction.” We’re basically a bunch of like-minded folks and forward-thinking writers like you who are hoping to have a positive impact in our little community. I’ve been honored with the comments left by many of these folks here, so I felt even more honored to get to highlight some of the things they’ve been talking about over the last few days and weeks. Be sure to stop by and leave your congratulations. There’s some great stuff happening in the “Emerging Christian Fiction” world. And it’s only going to grow by the looks of it…

We start out with Chris Well, blogger of Learning Curve, who highlights W. Dale Cramer’s new book from Bethany, Bad Ground, picked by Publishers Weekly as one of the best books of 2004. Now we follow that great news by having a word with Mr. Cramer himself …

Marcia Lee Laycock deals with the much-debated question, “Christian writer or writer who is a Christian?”

Paula Moldenhauer of “Gracereign” writes about the nature of telling Truth through fiction in Fact or Fiction.

The incomparable relevantgirl, Mary E. DeMuth, who’s secretly hoping for a reprise of the Pace-setter award at Mt. H this weekend, writes about her musings following that writers conference in Writing in a box of Wheat Thins-a diatribe on Branding

My sensitive-soul-mate Jeanne Damoff, who blogs at “The View From Here,” writes a stirring account of the writers balnace between faith and art in What Was and What Is

And Valerie Comer, at “In My Little World,” hits on crit groups and the importance thereof, something very near and dear to my heart. Why a Critique Group?

Thanks everyone and thank Pat for the idea to celebrate what is, rather than gripe about what is not yet. I’m learning from you all…

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  1. Pat Loomis says:

    Hi Mick!
    Thanks for hosting the Celebration this month! I’ve been silent because my computer crashed a few days ago. But it was wonderful to get back on-line yesterday and see what you’ve done. I encourage everyone to check out the great links you’ve posted and join in the *next* Celebration, which will be hosted by Jeanne Damoff on April 19th.
    BTW, I love the new look of your site!

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