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“Taking the Christian audience for granted?”

Sorry to pull out another of these articles on you all again, but this one has some interesting things to discuss. I promise once I’m out from underneath this cold and the current pile on my desk, we’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming. Happy Weekend!

The real mystery: Who killed the plot of ‘Thr3e’?

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  1. Nicole says:

    On Frank Peretti’s site, he lists the type of software he uses for writing screenplays. Also, most colleges/universities have a film program where they offer classes on screenwriting because it is a whole different gig, format, etc., that’s for sure. Go for it, Mary.

  2. One of my friends writes screenplays. I’m sure hoping he’ll want to take my novel to task. ;)
    I had a little deja vu there at the last paragraph, you?

  3. Katie Hart says:

    I loved the novel Thr3e, and wondered how the plot twists which left me saying “Wow” repeatedly for a good hour after I first read the book would transfer to screen. Obviously, not that well.

  4. Nick, hope you feel better soon. I’ve got a terrible cold myself. As for the movie, Thr3e, I’d like to see it for myself before commenting further.

  5. DLE says:

    Ironically, I finished Thr3e just a month ago, then the day after finishing, heard about the movie.
    My impression was that by the middle of the book Dekker was just yanking people around. When the Psycho-like ending finally played out, I thought, Well, they won’t be turning THAT into a movie. It’s unfilmable.
    I guess I was wrong. Or maybe I am right. Perhaps it IS unfilmable.

  6. Suzan says:

    What a shame that it turned out so badly for Dekker.
    Mick, I think you must have caught the virus that’s been living at the Robertson household!
    Feel better

  7. Here’s the thing about this Fox Faith group: they’re right. It doesn’t matter what’s bad about it, Christians will flock just to have something to call their own.
    I understand part of this. Support. If we show support for the small things, if we show we are interested in Hollywood, maybe the industry and the art will grow.
    But can’t we have standards now while waiting for this industry/art to grow?

  8. Katy McKenna says:

    One thing I’ve never understood is the urging we Christians receive to “get out there and support this film so that Hollywood will get the message that we want more of the same!” I only see movies that come highly recommended or ones with a storyline I can’t resist (OK, if Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan costarred again, I’d be there in a heartbeat.)
    Why would I go to a movie that doesn’t get compelling reviews or isn’t in a genre I love, unless of course it’s to show support to my husband and his very different tastes?
    Personally, I refuse to support for support’s sake. Does that make me an infidel?

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