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About This Word “Bearing”

Bear·ing [ˈberiNG] NOUN – 1. a person’s composure, based on assumptions about his or her character and heritage. (synonyms: posture · comportment · carriage) 2. the level to which something can be tolerated. (synonym: endurance) Two different types of bearing. But, I think, intimately related. Our lives are affected by our families in ways we don’t even realize, for good
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Let the Work Do Its Work

My computer hums on my lap. Next to me, my phone buzzes, and Twyla Tharp’s book on “the creative habit” sits with my glass of wine on the side table. Behind me is the big window with the tree in full leaf. Beneath the window is the bookshelf stuffed to overflowing with all the books I’m unable to stop pretending
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