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On the Writer’s Community and Something Better than Balance

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” – John Muir I drive Ellie to school and decide to silence the radio. Fund-drive season on the classical station and the news on NPR aren’t as valuable as 8 minutes of silence. Monday comes full of details to sort and
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Freedom In Friendship

This may be one of the fastest blogs I’ve ever posted. I wouldn’t normally write this fast, but I’ve listened to about 30 book pitches today as faculty at Mount Hermon, and I’ve got worship to lead in the morning…. I always have an amazing time here. And it’s always because of the new writer friends. I’ve posted about the
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The All-Time Top Reasons to Pursue Big Publishing, Part 3

The question was raised by an author who's recently been offered a contract, would it make sense to push for hardcover, the thinking being this raises credibility and importance in the eyes of buyers. Sure, if it's a good size run as well, but it'll be more expense for buyers too, so it's a gamble. And hardcover alone doesn't get
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