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Do You Know Your Priorities As a Writer?

For nearly six years, each week I’ve posted my best teaching on writing and editing for motivation and practical help. I’ve taken a break or two, but the archive of several hundred posts prove it’s a priority for me–and it’s largely because I need to keep the wind in my sails and the breeze at my back. I write to myself to remind myself of
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Writing Is a Process, Not a Product

I absolutely love the classic wisdom from Donald M. Murray, Teach Writing as a Process Not Product. Speaking to English teachers and writing instructors, he says too often we become frustrated because we focus on the product, which is subpar. We want literature and what we’re holding is obviously not it. So we use our training and attempt to point out
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A Not-So-Very-Secret Secret to Getting Out In Front of Readers

You know the easy button? I’m always looking for the easy button to editing. And more often than not, I find it by zooming in a little closer. Recently, I found one I think deserves a special place on this blog, because it’s a time-saver for new authors. And it’s a trick that hooks readers better than anything else, the story beneath the story. Whether you’re
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