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The Bigness of Accepting the Smaller

“Bar the lowly, and no one worthwhile will enter.” – Bonnie Friedman I’m trying to find only the best and brightest thoughts. The big ones that can help make my dreams come true, or lead me to success, or whatever I’m selfishly idolizing at the moment, these are the thoughts I want, and only these. Even lust for God, as
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Higher Purpose Writers’ Keys to Success: Recover, Reinvest and Protect Your Time and Attention

“What a man thinks of himself determines, or rather indicates, his fate.” – Henry David Thoreau “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7   Our early founders like John Locke and William Blackstone, regarded private property rights as foundational to our personal liberty. This is still true. But our bigger fight today is internal.
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Attention Is a Limited Resource

I rarely remember it, but I’d be a better writer if I did: What we think about matters. Because attention is a limited resource. Sometimes I remember to be reserved about what I pay attention to and I discover more time to write. But I hardly ever remember to consider what I pay attention for. Or put another way, Why I’m paying attention to
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