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Why Writers Never Have to Worry about Failure

They always say write what you know. And what I know best is not my few successes, but my endless failures. Oh, I’m a failer. I fail! Over and over. Stick around long enough and you’ll get to see it! Or just wait a few seconds. And I’ve been doing this editing thing for the better part of 20 years,
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Creativity and the Holy Pursuit of Delight

As I came to map out the work week with Sheri this morning, I made space to sit at the dining room table that looks out on the forest, reclaiming an edge from her paper collage experiment. I make efforts to be gentle and remind her not to apologize. It’s not the laptops and cellphones we should be making space for,
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How to Progress In Your Process

“Are we there yet?” Remember how fun it is to travel with small kids? The longer the trip, the more this favorite question gets repeated, like a bad commercial. I think that could be how God feels when we keep unfocusing on the real goal of art and start obsessing about the finish line. Two quick examples. Several weeks ago, I got frustrated at
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