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Why You Can Never Fail

I need a story about failure,” I said to Sheri and the girls as we sat down to a Saturday night dinner of take-out pizza. “Surely you can help me think of something,” I added, laughing. “Should be plenty of material.”  But whether they knew something they didn’t want to share, or couldn’t think of anything, no one had an answer.
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John Ruskin’s Philosophy on Art

With all the talk these days about the “gift of imperfection,” it could be easy to take the idea for granted. But everyone pursuing art, or even just a satisfying life, must embrace the huge importance of accepting imperfection: “No good work whatever can be perfect, and the demand for perfection is always a sign of a misunderstanding of the
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In Praise of Inadequate Writers

I have to think of a story of a time I was a failure,” I said to my family at dinner after reciting the perfunctory prayer and filling our plates with Saturday night pizza. “I can’t think of anything,” I added, laughing. It was clearly not for any lack of material. “Can you think of a time you failed?” Sheri thought
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