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Remaining Pure of Heart

“Clothe yourself with Christ.” – Romans 13:14 You already know the world is full of enticements to pull you away from your higher purpose. Haha! My phone just buzzed with another message… Simple things. Complicated things. External and internal things. Relational, familial, emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual. Positional, theological, philosophical, existential, practical, organizational, tactical, political… The realms of knowledge and experience
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Stop Trying So Hard and Trust Your Inspiration

inspiration—from Latin, inspiratio, “to blow into;” “to breathe in,” 1300s, literally, “[under] immediate influence of God.” [WARNING: This post may get a bit Jesus-y…] L ike everyone, my faith has been a long time in coming. But I wanted to share the amazing discovery I got this week about inspiration. Editing projects have brought lots of fresh ideas and it’s been a busy
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