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Why All It Takes Is 5 Minutes

It may come as a shock, but I’m easily distractible. It’s not something I’m proud of. Especially knowing how much my work depends on writers showing up and keeping up despite the battering hurricane of demands and requests that fly in through every open window. It can grow dark quickly underneath the pile of debris atop the little flame of
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What a Frog Knows

This morning, I headed down to the pond and caught a frog. I'd never have seen her if she hadn't leaped from the wooden bridge. But when she landed amongst the rocks and ferns, I trapped her with the girls' butterfly net. She was big and made no sound, so I assumed her female, an orangey-brown wood frog with a
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Interview with author/editor Brandy Bruce

I've been excited for a while to have the chance to interview a friend of mine, Brandy Bruce. Her experience as an up-and-coming YA author is unique (of course) but her decision to self-publish after shopping her novel to publishers makes me extra eager to tell you about her journey. First, the bio. Brandy Bruce holds a Bachelor of Arts
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Mary DeMuth: “Should Christ-followers Read Fiction?”

Be sure to check out Mary DeMuth's Breakpoint article, "Should Christ-followers Read Fiction?" She gives a great round up of the multiple benefits, especially useful for anyone facing the age-old objections from well-meaning religious-types. 

Adventure of Writing

"It’s important to remember we’re all explorers–as humans we are risk-takers, whizzing down a hill on a bike. But we get settled in a pattern. There is so much more inside us."–Benedict Allen, British explorer, “Disconnecting Is Key to Exploring,” Brigid Delaney, We age and something gets in the way of the adventure. Maybe an idol we seek. Something more
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