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The Writer’s Cross: Why Writers Need Community

It’s a crazy dark day, the kind we get in Portland in the winter where you have to keep the lights on in the house all day because of the thick gray haze blanketing the world. It can get into your skin. So on this rainy day, I’m pondering about musings. And about how most things in life come down
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God Doesn’t Want Your Book (Yet)

Is a book only as good as the feedback it receives? I've made this claim in my "benefits of membership" at my site, but I think this is one of those questions that’s really hard to answer definitively. Can a book be written without receiving direct feedback? Of course. But will it be as good a book as it could
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Progressive Publishing Program, Part 1: Finish Your Book (for Free) with a Writing Coach

Some offers are just hard to believe, aren't they?  The day I came up with the idea for a "progressive publishing program," I didn't believe it either.   But here's a confession: I’ve always been something of a skeptic. As a small(er) babbler, I remember seeing the commercial for the Tootsie Roll pop and I determined to prove them wrong.
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