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Defending the Gays: What I’ve questioned and can’t deny

Yesterday, I posted a thought at Facebook about defending gay people. It got some great responses supporting and challenging. But it left me with little doubt this thorny issue is not going away for Christians, many of whom believe we’re supposed to know what we’re talking about when we discuss homosexuality. Which seems to me like mistake #1…. I’m still thinking about
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The One Word the Journey Requires

“I love, therefore I am vulnerable.” ― Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art Yesterday morning, as the children’s pastor shared from Psalm 119, I felt tears well up. She simply spoke the uncanny truth I’d been slowly realizing for months: “The word of God,” she said, “…is a miracle.” It was the weight of the statement,
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The New Bible: The Books of The Bible

There are many parts of my position as acquisitions editor at WaterBrook that are really cool. One of those things is certainly discussing ideas that have significant potential for publication. The exchange of intellectual capital, so to speak, is invigorating and always interesting. I’m truly amazed at the breadth of skill, talent, and experience of the people I get to
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