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So I just surfed over to amazon and bought me some Schwann’s Italian Style Lasagna (which is way better than that phony non-Italian style lasagna) basically because I can–but really, I just wanted to see how it shipped. Of course, I had to buy 8 of them to get free shipping.

I suppose next I’ll be buying Jesus frying pans in CBA bookstores!

Now I’ve never been one to believe those crazy end-of-the-world claims. But let’s just say I’m not completely convinced Armageddon is that far off. Somewhere in Sasketoon there’s a guy going, "YES! I can get lasagna on amazon!" But I’m pretty sure he’s the only one. Now sure, there’s a case to be made for all the people who will buy a book to go with their TV dinner, but let’s face it. The world is ending. There’s no more reason to believe otherwise.

Which means, I suppose, we should all be furiously crafting that ultimate book we’ve been planning.