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Some YourWritersGroup.com Nibbles and Bits…

So, obviously, the new website is not here yet. And I'm really fine with it. Honest…

Blast you, cursed warden of my inspired hopes and dreams!

When I first dreamed up this website I've been alluding to since last October (or was it September?), I knew there'd be a catch. But it turns out these masterpieces of technology and beauty take time. As it is, I'm only mildly miffed–or inactively irked.

If I cared more about marketing and sales, I'd probably be really upset. But alas, it isn't done yet. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd introduce you to one idea I've had: the soon-to-follow daily inspirational thoughts I'm cooking up for the big release. I haven't decided what to call them yet–maybe Daily Meditations, Mantras for Writers, or Quotable Nibbles and Bits–but I've been using them on my run every morning and they're good for focusing my mind on what's really important before I come back and sit down at the helm to write (Yes, of course I shower first).

I especially like the two parters–they seem to bring a rebalancing effect. One of the first I used was, "All for others, nothing for self." You can reverse them and create new nuances of meaning: "Nothing for self, all for others."

I'll be sharing some more soon–once I have a name for them, and a venue. But start with this one and see how many things you can apply it to in your writing. I like its rhythm. Though it's not perfect, it seems to work well with labored breathing.

3 Responses to “Some YourWritersGroup.com Nibbles and Bits…”

  1. Lori Green says:

    I like ‘Nibbles and Bits.’ So what if it sounds a little like dog food or like a misquote from an Austin Powers movie, right?
    btw, I enjoyed your talk at NCWA on Monday evening; really appreciated your humility and honesty.

  2. Could be “Ice Chips for the Fevered Writer”

  3. Mick says:

    Nibbles and ice chips! I like it.
    Also, it’s been pointed out that this particular mantra would best be applied with some larger biblical context….

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