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Revolution: Sensitivity

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this long about the Christian Writing Revolution and what it entails and haven’t yet written anything about this important principle. I guess it’s not one you naturally think of. Some of you may argue with me that it’s even important, but I’m prepared to make my case. This to me is a central point of the gospel, the way I came to understand Jesus. Strength through weakness.

Sensitivity. The idea is tied to intuition and other intangibles that make up the real substance of life behind the scenes. But becoming true aesthetes in the proper sense is what we’re talking about when we say we want to be writers of the new revolution. This kind of writing we’re all striving to see in CBA is an aesthetic movement toward the beautiful, the truthful, the inherent strength in weakness that’s a guiding principle of Jesus’ backward message: you must die to live, be silent to hear, practice solitude to feel and understand. Violence, physicality, and brute force are principles of the universe, charging ahead and dominating. Survival of the fittest. It’s fundamental to existence that the soft, pure, and holy be fragile, easily sullied. The fragile always loses in our world. But all things meaningful subsist in the fragile things. It’s the beautiful paradox we all know well.

None of us will change the fact that sensitivity will always be crushed. It’s life, right? We don’t like it, but we understand it’s simply the facts. We need to trust that God will give us the words and the wisdom to oppose the powerful things with His help. Life is striving and war. But meaning in life is the opposite, the spark of creative, wonder-inducing inspiration that flits through unbidden like a butterfly and makes its escape before waking. And at its essence, this is the ideal femininity embodies, isn’t it? The male/female, strong/weak, yin/yang forces that struggle for domination.

We want to challenge this CBA anti-art mentality but we can’t. The system is too strong and powerful, based in the fundamental principles of domination that control the universe. But God exists, so beauty exists, and He can use us to bring about change, like fissures in the dam. He will give us the words as we are humble and trust Him, waiting for the cracks to snake up the wall until the flood bursts forth. If we have faith to let God fulfill His promise, and release our idols of self-glorification, pride, and envy, He will give us the strength in our weakness. We should never be ashamed of our fragile, weaker beauty, the truth of life we desire to see given space.

This is the unseen, intangible under the hard exterior we’re fighting for here. I’m glad to have you aboard.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your parties! We’ll see you again Monday.

2 Responses to “Revolution: Sensitivity”

  1. I love this post, Mick. You touch several issues close to my heart. Reading it was almost like listening to the familiar voice of a treasured friend.
    Mary, I adored A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle. Have you read his novel, Anything Considered? It’s a delightful romp. I highly recommend it.
    Let’s serve up this revolution with a fine French wine, shall we? People will be begging to join.

  2. sally apokedak says:

    Nice post, Mick. I’m happy you’ll have me aboard. =0)

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