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Relaunch: the new blog

Welcome to the new Your Writers Group blog!

For many years, I had a blog of helps for writers about editing and creativity and publishing, and it was a lot of fun.

When I launched the larger community site, I always intended to get back to it with more helpful stuff. But it took some time to get my act together.

Not that I'm implying that's happened here…

But now, instead of writing to offer help, I'd like to start a blog of fun. Funny stuff. But of course with the focus on sharing the hidden journey of an author. The point is always growth, but I think the best help is always fun.

I love blogging–I write stuff I never would otherwise, stuff I think I have no time for only to find out I actually have no time for anything else. It's always the new, unexpected ideas that grip and hang on and don't let go. To me, that's the gift great books give us too, but a blog is quicker, more bite-sized.

Anyway I'm starting up again. I have a new idea. Unlike my last blog, I won't say much about the publishing industry and it will probably (definitely) be more slapdash at times, since I'm now working for the worst boss ever (I won't name the company, but their logo is up there). Editing books makes me fairly boring. But with that duly noted, I hope you enjoy the newly-revived blog and don't find it completely useless. And I'll do my best to keep things interesting.

At least once in a while.

2 Responses to “Relaunch: the new blog”

  1. Always a fan, Mick! Look forward to hearing some unique, West Coast thinking! Seems like every wave starts from that direction.

  2. MickSilva says:

    Thanks, Lori. Always a fan of your praise… May your excellent opinions prosper us both. :)

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