I have this experience with blogs:

I try to find one that sticks to a central theme, someone who’s figured out their reason to blog rather than just publishing their every thought. A purpose for being that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. They’re delicate, my expectations. I don’t want too over-the-top, but I also can’t muster interest in much high-brow or obtuse stuff that just misses the point and doesn’t deliver the goods in the first few lines.

I’m a blog snob.

I want real, honest, bare bones, guts and stuff. That’s what a blog is for.

So, okay. I forgot the treat at work. I feel terrible about it, even though I know you’ll get it tomorrow. I pounded the steering wheel and suppressed a few choice swears when I realized during my commute home tonight, if it makes you feel better.

But as I was sitting on the overpass, I realized my mistake. I also realized how much I care about making this a solid reading experience for you. I don’t want to betray your trust and I know your time is precious—as precious as mine. None of us have time to search through a million different links to find the good blogs. It’s frustrating enough how many classic books I still have to read, let alone the “frivolous” meanderings of contemporaries.

But tonight, rather than reading me, take some time to visit the blogs on the left column. These people are different too. Kelli Standish, Jeanne Damoff, Mary DeMuth, J. Mark Bertrand, Katy Raymond, Pat Loomis–these are people expressing the fire. They are real, honest, unapologetic workers of the kingdom. Passionate. Unsafe. They’re the real treat. And they go unnoticed. “Oh, they’re only the links.” No way. They’re there because they “get it.” Go check it out for yourself.

And then come back tomorrow when we’ll have Jim Pannell, publisher and founder of Brook Street press who will tell you a litttle about what he’s doing to offer an alternative to CBA.

Happy surfing, everyone.

6 Responses to “REAL BLOGS!”

  1. Mike Morrell says:

    Good thoughts on blogs. You’re absolutely right. I probably need to trim it way down, but you can get a sampling of decent Christian blogs at http://www.geocities.com/redwookie/#blog I keep the ones I like best toward the beginning, but again, I have to sort through and rearrange a lot of that, I think. Blogs are becoming like business cards: Everybody has ’em!
    Moby has a blog. It’s way minimal on the design but its good (Good=giving an honest appraisal of his innner world in an entertaining and sometimes substantial manner.) See http://moby.com (Moby might even be a “Christian blogger.” The debate rages.)

  2. Katy Raymond says:

    Am I mistaken, Mick, or is the link to Pat Loomis missing on the left? That said, maybe it won’t seem so self-serving to mention that the link to my site isn’t there, either! :)
    I have recently followed the link here and elsewhere to Mary Demuth’s (aka relevantgirl) sites, and have benefitted from the wealth of info, inspiration, and insight she offers–and all free of charge! Who knew?
    Now I’m going to spread my blog-reading wings and meet more new friends! Thanks for giving us bloggers a boost!

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mick. You’re a pal. ;)

  4. Pat Loomis says:

    Thank you, Mike! I noticed that too, but it was one o’clock in the morning and I could’ve been hallucinating. Mick, thank you for the plug, and, especially, for the list of blogs. I am an avid blog reader and will visit everyone.

  5. Mick says:

    Thanks, Mike, for the link. And for the amazing job you do as a filter for all us overworked bloggers. But as for Moby’s Christian–okay. No. We will not be judging here. :)
    Pat, Katy, problem solved. I’m still learning this stuff. Thank God for Typepad’s 24 hour tech support.

  6. Good grief, Mick. What am I going to do with you? Any more encouragement like that and I’m going to start believing I’m a real writer or something.
    Thanks for spending a little of the world’s most valuable commodity on me. I needed it:)

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