“Readers will wait … if the book’s good enough.”

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God knows I’ve tormented my fellow editor and friend, Shannon Hill plenty over the past year. So for my first anniversary with WaterBrook, it’s nice I can set the record straight with Lauren Winner’s article in PW, The Series Still Rules. I mean, how much do we admire this?

"This fall, WaterBrook is releasing When the Heart Cries, the first in a three-volume Amish romance series by debut author Cindy Woodsmall…. WaterBrook is so excited about When the Heart Cries that they considered moving up the publication date for the sequel. But after talking to Woodsmall, who didn’t want to be rushed, WaterBrook decided to allow the traditional 12 months between installments. ‘For the quality of the novels and the sanity of the authors, we are trying to stay with one book a year,’ says Hill. ‘Readers will wait if they need to and if the book’s good enough.’"

And according to the favorable PW review, Cindy’s good enough. But it seems editors who go to the mat for their authors like this are rare, even in CBA. In publishing, and especially Christian publishing, it’s a collaborative effort to produce great books, and finding an editor who respects your timeline and provides a safehaven of loyalty to let quality develop can’t be overestimated.
So well done, Shannon. You’ll make the Editor Hall of Fame yet.

Sharing is nice

4 thoughts on ““Readers will wait … if the book’s good enough.””

  1. Are you a tormentor???
    It’s been suggested. :) You haven’t noticed?
    Or maybe you’re just being quite contrary…
    I’ve taken up the mantra: “More winsome, less bite.” But when the urge to appease the corporate gods inhibits my better nature, I find a tazer works better than a velvet glove at encouraging me back to my senses.

  2. I hope that more publishers in CBA follow suit. Good writing takes time…great writing takes time for revision. From my experience in this marketplace, no one is willing to give writers 12 months, let alone more than that. Rushing to press is short sighted and compromises quality. Thanks for sharing this Mick.

  3. huzzah for great editors. would there were more of them, and that their time were multiplied. they are only men after all (even the women, i use that term generically).
    an editor who understands the author’s voice is a wonderful thing. a glimpse of God Himself, i’m sure.

  4. Cindy is indeed worth the wait. She is such a great writer, person, coach. Her bravery in standing up for her work is a testament to the rest of us. Thanks, for plugging her, Milk.