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Just in case I somehow missed mentioning it, I’ll say right up front here that book publishing is a crazy, laborious, exasperating, and unbelievably fun process. And not unbelievable in the sense that it’s insanely fun all the time, but just that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you why I think it’s fun. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if it was any funner. Funnerer. No I’m not drunk. You are.

Though honestly, if it wasn’t for my great colleagues and the authors I get to work with, some of whom I neglect entirely too much, and others of which neglect me more than I care to mention, I wouldn’t have any fun at all. It always comes down to the people you’re around, and book publishing has a great storehouse of interesting nut-balls to draw from. You should really check it out if you haven’t ever been inside one. A publisher, that is.

It’s Saturday and we just spent far too much time today looking at model homes out in the new John Laing community (and when I say “out,” I mean where the sidewalk ends, man). We’d love to spring for one, but it might be too long to wait for them to build us one, so we’re undecided. Luckily, I got my writing done in the morning today so I was free and easy to have fun this afternoon.

And the other reason I mention it’s Saturday is so none of you start thinking I’m slacking on my book publishing conversation. We’ll get back to that soon enough, but it’s the weekend. You have to write on the weekend. No thinking about book business and all that. There will be plenty of time for that on Monday.

Weekends are the time to be reflective and imagine where you’d like to see yourself in 5 years, or maybe 3. Get a view of yourself from this side of the fence and see if you like yourself over there. If you do, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, change it. Make something good of your future–and here’s a thought. Make someone nut-ball happy today. Seriously. You’ll think I’m blowing smoke, but give it a try. Make your time count and see if you aren’t glad you did days, months, even years from now. I promise it’s more fun that sitting there reading this all day.

See ya’ll Monday.

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