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Pick a Fight You’re Willing to Lose

Dear Strong Christian,

How much I’d like to fight with you.

Charlotte fighting

But I suppose the truth is, I’m not that concerned. I know you’ll be fine in time, when life does its work and then God does his. I don’t need you to agree with me, and I don’t care about disagreement. I’m not sure what happened, but when did we start to think Christians all have to agree in order to love and find common ground?

I know there are more important matters than this. I’m not very high on the list of people whose opinions matter and sway others. Nor do I wish to be. I have a quiet life and a simple story to share. I don’t want that to change. I have enjoyable, behind-the-scenes book work to do.

Trying to convince people–even publishers, agents and writers in CBA–of my point is pointless. I do enjoy discussion, though often debates don’t appeal because competition implies a winner and a loser and that opposes my gospel.

It’s my gospel because who can say if it’s yours, however great our hope may be? Real life is not so cut and dry.

This post pretty much states my “position,” if I have one. And the blogosphere could do well to remember it:


Striving for answers is foolishness beyond the one Jesus offered. There are many things he didn’t talk about that get a lot of people upset. They wish so much he’d said more, but they’re missing the ones he did say. Make peace and you’re blessed. Accept suffering for another’s sake. When we’re focused on being right, too often we’re wrong. So many of his “answers” focused us on the bigger questions—it’s as though he’s saying, “I know it’s impossible, so what will you do with what I did say about trusting me?” Is that putting words into his mouth?

He wasn’t merely evasive; he was patient and unrelenting. But he knew answers too often barricade the high and the low, the insiders and the outsiders, and his work was leveling all of that out. He was okay appearing wrong. Appearing weak.

Who will be that hero?

10 Responses to “Pick a Fight You’re Willing to Lose”

  1. suzee B says:

    “when did we start to think Christians all have to agree in order to love and find common ground?” and therein lieth the rub and we know who is the great rubber…(sorry, that’s a little weird but you know what i mean) the great contender who wants to assassinate all that is good, and so gets off on creating division between god’s children, his beautiful babies and then showing it off to the world we’re living in. grrrrrrrrrr. he’s a huge show off. he wants to be god. but it’s a fixed fight and in the meantime….LOVE IS ALL WE NEED, the weapon of LOVE!
    suzee B

  2. “I’m not very high on the list of people whose opinions matter and sway others.”

    Sorry to burst your bubble on that one, but you are one of the HIGHEST on my list. Precisely because you don’t fight, except with love, and you know this is not a competition, or a popularity contest, or fitting in with the right clique in Christian circles. It’s about taking the road less traveled, being BRAVE enough to love like Jesus commanded, and being willing to be a hero to one, instead of an idol to thousands.

    You, you my friend, are a hero.

  3. Mick says:

    Aw. Eat your heart out, Iron Man! Though I do wish I could fly. Ah, someday….I’ll fly away. Can’t decide if you’re good for my ego or really, really bad, Linda. But keep it coming anyway. Love you, sister.

    And LPF, you of all people should know how critical I am. I can find a speck of dirt in an ocean of carpet (OCD) and a mote of selfishness in the holiest saint. But doggone if you aren’t the purest sweetheart. :) I can feel your righteous anger at that mean ol’ devil for me and all the friends you love so incredibly well. And I just want to thank you. Thank you for that heart you share.

    Oh, you should know each other–Linda, Suzee. Suzee, Linda. Amazing sisters you are already, methinks.

    Keep sharing, you two.

    • Thanks Mick, Hi Suzee! Wow, would I ever like to meet you Suzee! I’m now a subscriber on your blog. Keep writing sister, your book looks amazing!

    • suzee B says:

      well HI linda, hug hug hug. what a big pitcher of rainbow you just poured over me by saying such a positive thing about my book. i think it is amazing, too and i love my book because god gave me so many of the words and mick got me reined in when needed. and wow, yes, would i ever like to you, too.
      are you in portland? it’s fun to “get” mick together. he is a sort of fraud, isn’t he? because he is a wonderful writer and a wonderful husband and a wonderful funny friend who thinks too much most of the time. so. we are in this together to remind him many people appreciate him and that he is old enough now to finish his novel! agreed?
      have a beauoooooootiful day.
      suzee B

    • Hi Suzee! I’m not in Portland but in Colorado, so if you are ever out this way, I’ll treat you to a big slurpy-too-many-calories-bad-for-us-but-we’ll-love-it-so-much-anyway whipped cream topped something or other drink. :-)

      Mick’s definitely old enough to finish his book–haha! And I think some of what he’s poured out to encourage and push us writer people is now coming back at him like a boomerang. We are pushing a little of your own wisdom back at you now aren’t we Mick?! :-)

      It’s great to have friends. Have yourself a maaaaavalous day Suzee!


    • suzee B says:


      oh we would get along VERY well. and yes, mick is experiencing the boomerang effect big time, at least from us! we are ganging up on him, hee hee, and he’s asked for it. (probably subconsciously on purpose, ya think?)

      i can’t be too pushy for a bit since he wrote a most incredible review for my book which just went live on amazon.com and of course of which he edited twice for me! check out Under A Tie Dye Sky there. what are you writing or have written? would love to know.
      suzee B

    • Ah, Suzee, you are in Montana! My hubby and daughter were both born in Missoula and we loved the 3 years we lived there. Mick’s a great editor, so glad he helped you with your book. He’s also coaching me through my memoir, which he will also edit. I’ve also published with a Christian publisher for about 9 years, mostly women’s ministry stuff. Come and meet me at Linda Crawford writer or coloring life beautiful on Facebook, and we can find a way to keep in touch outside this comment thread!

      Off to buy your book Suzee! Read some of the intro on Amazon… I love you too. :-)

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  5. suzee B says:

    okey dokey linda, i’ll find you at linda crawford writer!

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