Not that my site don’t kill his…

Sharing is nice

Seth Godin’s got some marketing skills that demand your attention if you blog at all. His post on how to get traffic to your blog is off-the-hook, mad, sick, sweet, shizzle, and other trendy, street-lingo euphemisms that don’t deserve utterance.

Stop by if you can stand the aroma of desperate groupies.

Sharing is nice

3 thoughts on “Not that my site don’t kill his…”

  1. Heh. Pretty clever how he contradicted himself on just about every point. Write about your kids. Don’t write about your kids. He should have said, “Post heart-melting photos of your kids.” You consistently nail that one, Mick, and this new picture is no exception. I just want to squeeze her adorable cheeks off. How do you keep from exploding?

  2. It’s a strict regimen of anti-explosion injections, actually. They’re a bit painful, but better than the alternative.
    Also, #58, If you do allow commenters, pay them for creative compliments.
    Check’s in the mail, JD.