New Year’s Revolution

Sharing is nice

Well we’re back from Grandma and Grandpa’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I wish it could have been longer. And actually, after hearing the reports of the Asian tsunami, I feel more than justified for it. All of us, including the highly-sensitive two-year-old, watched the first reports with a horrible facination. The destruction is completely unimaginable. It gave a deeper significance to our enjoyment of the little traditions we share. In the midst of all the traveling and relatives to meet, I didn’t have any time to blog. So sorry for the temporary hiatus. I hope you all had some good time with family and friends as well.

Around 4 o’clock today, I realized I hadn’t even felt guilty about not missing the blog, as though I was glad to have some time to evaluate the work I’d been doing and see all the things I’d allowed to get in the way—my own spite or frustration or just plain, stupid boredom—all of that that had begun to creep in and make my investment something less, something frivolous and insignificant. Maybe if I truly didn’t care and was just venting opinions I’d be more tempted to give in to those whispers of insecurity and just continue on until the whole thing devolved into a big ranting blog of compressed hot air. Sometimes I’m prone to giving in to the impulse to vent my frustration with the existing industry. And I realized today that it’s those entires I take the least time to write that make me think this, the ones that are all about me and my pouting. They’re also the entries that make me think this is a silly, worthless use of my time.

Regardless, on this day of New Year’s resolutions, one of my most fervent ones is to pay more attention to the wrods I write. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) I honestly hope and pray that more of you will take up the flag and climb the hill, realizing that we’re all working together to define this emerging Christian Writing Revolution through our lifestyles as committed, grace-freed writers. I needed this week to remind me that this isn’t my blog. It was never meant to be.

If you’re interested in seeing more distinctive and “progressive” voices featured here in the coming year, send me an email or leave a comment of support or challenge. Read through some of the archives to find what we’ve established about the revolution so far. You’ll see how far we have to go yet, and hopefully get inspired to join in the conversation about expanding what Christian fiction writing looks like.

As I think about my hopes for the coming year, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, the struggle of pursuing the basic tasks at hand. But we need to keep exploring and discovering God’s work in and through CBA. We need to see results, lives impacted and changed by unusual, hard-hitting, and “unashamed” fiction. We need to see the successes and failures of Christian publishing in 2004. We need to broaden our perspectives and consider some of the exciting alternatives to traditional publishing. And we need to learn from each other and expand our notions of the lifestyle “progressive” Christian writing requires on a personal level. We need to build stronger community.

A personal resolution I’ve made is to conduct a number of interviews of some of the people I’ve met in my work. I’ve got questions about what things they’ve seen in their efforts to establish books that deal honestly with the irreducible beauty of God’s grace, the straight-forward, “edgy” books that often go completely unnoticed—or simply unrecognized—by CBA.

I want to inspire and encourage those of you who are working to find a partner for your carefully-crafted wrods–I mean worsd. We need to encourage each other not to take ourselves too seriously so that others can see that there’s nothing intimidating, pretentious, or inauthentic about God’s love. If we’re calling for books that don’t pull any punches then neither should we, right?

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make it one to remember.

Sharing is nice