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New Interview with Mick

If you haven't already, and you're heading to a writers conference any time soon (especially the OC Christian Writers Conference), stop by speculative/sci-fi author Merrie Destefano's blog for an interview she was kind enough to do with me: http://www.merriedestefano.com/?p=415

ROOMS Also, as a bonus, friend of Your Writers Group, Jim Rubart has his debut novel ROOMS releasing this week and it's a must read for Christian writerly types (and anyone else who liked the message of The Shack). It's like Dekker's Heaven's Wager meets The Tell-tale Heart. I regret I wasn't the one to grab Jim, but kudos to Karen Ball at B&H for catching the vision for unique Christian speculative contemporary and this extraordinary new talent. I talk a lot about trying to blend commercial and literary work on this blog, and I sincerely believe Jim is well on his way to doing exactly that. You know I don't do much promotion here and I'm going to, but don't let this one pass you by!

2 Responses to “New Interview with Mick”

  1. Jim Rubart says:

    Wow, Mick, you honor me, my friend. Appreciate it.

  2. oh great! i just love this new novel of Jim Rubart, it’s actually a debut novel. i heard that this novel is much interesting on the other novel. hmm…

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