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Blah, blah, blah = Blog!

Weblogs are a funny thing aren’t they?

What is the point of a “blog,” anyway? I mean, really. It seems like the equivalent of standing on the street corner and shouting at passing cars. Or is it more for the unusually self-absorbed of us who just can’t resist the urge to publish the personal thoughts we have in a given day? You can’t deny the demons of shallowness in us all who might tempt us to this. But to show the world? At any rate, I can’t help but ask why anyone would care. And even if they did care, shouldn’t we feel a twinge of guilt that they aren’t doing something more constructive with their time–like reading the rest of War and Peace or ruminating the intricacies of God’s blue creation?

Seriously. So when I approached the idea of the blog thing, I really wanted to come up with at least a passable reason to steal attention for myself. And you know, of course I couldn’t think of anything. I started out thinking of a website where creative writers could socialize, learn, develop and spout off. So I guess, in a way, a blog is a logical step for that. Maybe that’s the goal and I’m just setting the example, rambling on with no perceptible point. The first rambler.

So welcome to the blog, everyone! I hope to hear from you soon.

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