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Link: Top Myths about Editors

Writers I meet at conferences have a lot of great questions about editing. Most of us know we need help but don’t know where to start.


I don’t have any money; why are editors so expensive?

Do you really need a content editor and a copyeditor?

Can you just hire an editor to fix your mistakes?

Here’s a really great post clearing up some common myths about editors. I’d have titled this: How to Stand Out

Come back and tell me your thoughts here!

13 Responses to “Link: Top Myths about Editors”

  1. I love my editor. How can I possibly create a book that will touch others lives without one?

  2. Cathy West says:

    I like the truths too. Having worked with several editors I have to say it’s a vital part of the publishing process that should be carefully considered by any author who wishes to present their best work. We need that support and wisdom and sometimes a good kick in the pants when we’ve lost all focus. Finding the right editor is kind of like winning the golden ticket. My pet peeve is the number of people out there who hang the editor shingle without any proper credentials – not even a published book to their name. Would I go to a carpenter for a root canal? But anyway I suppose that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, isn’t it?

  3. suzee says:

    hmmm. i just wrote a review for blake atwood after finishing “don’t fear the reaper”. it is tight and succinct and i will use it before i send next book to an editor. mick, have you published a book? i realize i don’t know!? do i care? i see that my new friend, cathy, does! it’s an interesting thought. so i naturally wonder how you feel about it, my man?

  4. Cathy West says:

    Suzee … no. What I meant was, there are a lot of ‘writers’ or people who claim to have editorial experience who actually have none. I wasn’t referring to Mick. He’s as experienced as they come and has the background credentials to prove it. Freelancers who claim to be editors without ever having worked in publishing or been published and worked with an editor – that’s who I mean. Those you might steer clear of. JMHO. :)

    • suzee says:

      gotcha, that’s basically what i figured. anyway, mick IS published because he publishes books and has experience out the ying yang. but i know he also has a book to publish one o’ these days. can’t wait for that. it’s gonna be goooooooooooooooood. i have only been to a few big writing conferences. like you said, there are many who can ‘claim’ they are this or that and who would know? but i know god leads me into paths for his name’s sake. that’s why we write, for his name’s sake so i trust i will always be led to the helpers he has for me. like mick. like you. like my blessed amazing writing group, no coincidences. no sireee bob :-)

    • Mick says:

      I’m not sure I should break up such a lovely conversation, but I have not published my own work because I’m too busy. What am I busy doing you ask? Maturing. Gaining experience. Listening and learning and being prepared. Had I published sooner, I’d have died of the shame. Luckily, I don’t have to apologize for all the journals full of scribbling. Or the blog posts–though the conventional wisdom is “Internet is forever,” unlike online photos, blogs are mercifully temporary (because reading requires thought and searching pictures does not). As soon as I can write as well as or better than Anne Lamott, I’ll start publishing, I promise.

  5. suzee says:

    how did i know that is exactly what you were going to say? as for my 2 cents worth? you are READY FREDDY!

    • Cathy West says:

      I’m totally not getting notifications for this page even though I signed up for them. Hmm.
      You will never write as well or better as Anne Lamott, Mick, because, A – you’re a guy. B- you’re not her, you’re you. And probably most of us are good with that.
      One thing Rachelle told me early on, quit comparing. Never ever ever do it. But you know that. Infact as I recall I think you’ve yelled at me a couple times about it. :) And do I always remember that advice? probably not. But if I can publish my books and live to tell the tale, I have no doubt that you can too. You just have to want to.
      And if you never do, that is perfectly OK too. It’s yours do with as you wish.

  6. Mick says:

    Thanks, Cathy. I just read this: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain & bitter; for always there will be greater & lesser persons than yourself.” I guess I’m comparing, though I don’t feel like I am. I’m afraid the world doesn’t need my words when there are Anne’s. Of course, mine are different. Of course the flavor is nothing like her. Why do I do it? I’m proud and insecure. I forget God, that he’s in charge, in control. I realized that a while back, but I get grabby. Thanks for the reminder, my friend.

    So grateful for friends.

  7. suzee says:

    BRAVO cathy! you said it so well.

  8. Cathy West says:

    Oh. I don’t know, Suzee. Sometimes I just spout off and not much makes sense. :) And on the odd occasion, I do make some sense. But not everyone understands me or speaks sarcasm as fluently as I … so that can be a problem.
    And yes, all that to say, the comparison game is from the pit of hell. Yet it’s so easy to play. But nobody wins. And yeah, I’m still doing it, even today, checking those ^&&%!@! Amazon rankings. Another tool from the pit of hell. And I digress …

    But I think I am blocked from this page because I don’t know when anyone is taking notice of me. :( But we are one day away from Thursday, so that is a good thing. I must send you a little funny I found about that.

  9. suzee says:

    cath, you are not blocked. all your comments come through, at least i see them and that’s all that counts. hee hee, i also speak sarcasm. like barbara billingsley (beaver cleaver’s mom) spoke ‘jive’ just as fluently in that keeper of a movie, ‘airplane’ which i desperately hope you saw, but you were WEE when it came out maybe, no further comment on THAT!
    anyway, we hopefully feed mick with our love. not that he needs it, he’s got plenty BUT then again, one can never have too much…..
    suzee B

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