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The One Rule for Writing Great

Let our minds be told all they need to know by the empathy of our hearts from the pictures you paint.

4 Responses to “The One Rule for Writing Great”

  1. Jim Rubart says:

    Life is not a journey of the mind that requires the heart, but a journey of the heart that requires the mind.

  2. Ann Voskamp says:

    Then we’ll have to paint with blood.

  3. John Cox says:

    The masterpiece in Blood has already been completed,framed, and delivered :-) We get to step through that tortured canvas (our wardrobe into Narnia) and run free in the Promised Land. The mind can only superficially reflect but never understand what it is that makes the heart race with such joy…. A cool dilemma…

  4. Jen Mc. says:

    But throw in a few math problems to keep everybody honest. :)

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