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It begins! Mwu-ah-ha-ha!!

I’m such a geek. I invited a bunch of amazing cats I met at Mt. Hermon and ACRW and around the Internet to come check out the new writer’s group, and then sent out a broken link! But as long as no one ever supposed I was anything else…

But hey, that’s cool. Glad you’re all here. Let me give a big, warm howdy to all you rising starlets, and let you know right out that I’m humbled and honored by you. If you’re here to become a better, more connected writer, you’re in the right place. This is what we all do, every day.

In case I haven’t mentioned them, the folks over at The Master’s Artist are doing some cool things. Make sure you go by and check them out if you’re finding yourself low on inspiration (as will invariably happen from time to time).

So, it begins! I don’t know why saying that makes me want to do the maniacal evil-villian laugh, but it does. Maybe it’s because I know the power that lies in this intimate group of select minds. Maybe it’s that I’ve seen you all just waiting for the great sleeping giant that is the Christian publishing industry to shake the scales from its eyes and see the new dawn rising. I wish I could give you the view from my side. I want you to see how many of you there are, how cool it is that you’re all so committed to the craft and growing in your talents. It’s an incredible gift I get to be here to see it, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little of what I see taking shape.

I tend to be a macro, global kind of guy, much better at the big, substantive-type editing than nit-picking, so forgive me if this sounds grandiose. But there is a current running through the Christian publishing racket that can’t be ignored. We’re not satisfied with what we’ve been given. There aren’t categories yet for what we will write, no platitudes or catch phrases to describe what’s brewing. If I didn’t have any faith at all, I’d still wonder if God wasn’t wanting to say something. As the “prepared workmen” begin to rise up, the image of His plan takes shape. It’s bigger than any of us could have ever imagined alone.

I could point you to any number of examples to illustrate what I mean. Bret Lott’s address on reclaiming literary fiction at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College this past April, and now reprinted in the Fall issue of Image Journal. The great work being done by so many industry professionals on my side of the fence, most of whom, I’ve tried to name at the right. The groundswell won’t be held back for long. The world will remember God and possibly even hear His voice for the first time because of what is happening here.

It’s exciting stuff. And I’m glad you’re a part of it.

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  1. Hi Mick! Thanks for the invite, and thanks for mentioning The Master’s Artist. Like you, we believe God is doing a new thing — maybe a bunch of new things — and we’re all buckled in, loose objects secured, ready for this train to bust out of the station. Woo Hoooo!
    Thanks for what you’re doing here in this blog. I love your conversational style and approachability. And I LOVE the picture of Ellie on the rug! The colors . . . the artistic camera angle . . . it could be a frame from the movie Amelie.
    Jeanne Damoff

  2. Hi Mick:
    Thanks for mentioning the Master’s Artist. I’d like to extend the invite to the site at times of great inspiration, too. :-)
    It’s a bit tacky to praise yourself, but that never stopped me before. But the praises aren’t for myself, but for the wonderful writers who make up The Master’s Artist:
    Deborah Gyapong: a former television producer, journalist, fiction writer and novelist;
    Donna Shepherd: children’s poet and devotional writer;
    Jeanne Damoff: nonfiction author, novelist and fiction writer;
    Mike Snyder: fiction writer and novelist;
    Lisa Samson: novelist;
    J. Mark Bertrand: teacher, novelist, fiction writer and board of director member of Strange Land Literacy Foundation;
    Susan Kaye: fiction writer and novelist.
    (I differentiate between “fiction writer” and “novelist.”)
    There’s something great to read every day of the week over at our blog, http://www.mastersartist.com, but more than that, it’s the humor that I love so much. And the real desire to serve the Lord through our words and works.
    Thanks again for mentioning us, Mick.

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