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It Starts Today

Today. The word carries such power. 

Today! It's what you make it. What will you do with it? How will you use it?

Does it compel you to suit up, face your fears, believe the evidence that it will pass so soon, and seize it while you can?

Do you hear the voices calling out from the picture on the wall?


It starts today. Do you believe it? Do you trust the vision you've been given enough to show up? Will you act on it? 

You've been chosen for this, here and now, to do this and make it live. To influence your readers and make them live. To influence their lives that others can live. You can't possibly know how much depends on today.

Do you know how unbelievably rare you are? Do you want to? Do you want to stop simply knowing it and do something about it? Do you want to feel it and live it? That's an inspiration to others, to see you living as one of God's true rarities. Will it be a stretch to say you never knew the person you saw in the mirror every morning before today? 

How would you like to respond?


What would it take to draw out the real you, the one who loves like no one else, who sees the opportunities and runs toward them? To take your vision and combine it with your compassion and release it, make it influence your sphere, make those around you deal with it? To do that, to live that, it is the greatest power in this messed up world. And you have it.

Maybe you've been waiting, waiting like everyone else, being too-easily convinced that it's not the right time, not appropriate, not really needed.

Which today are you waiting for?

Every great story is about a person just like you and then one day, for no better reason than you have today, everything comes together. The decision to act is made. The experience and growth and maturing and preparing, and all the conditions come together and it's time to produce. 

That, my friend, is today.

If you will think ahead to a day down the road when it's all been done and you've become polished like a well-worn walking stick by this experience, you can imagine what you'll feel. Having committed to showing up to the writing every day, to the preparations, the sacrifice, and being progressively changed by the work of a thousand todays, with this insight having shaped the journey of your character, one day soon it will be time to share. And on that today eyes are opened, lives changed, sparks brought back to life, and no one will be able to deny what you decided back there, so many days ago.


That's today.

That flavor in your work, unlike anything they've ever tasted, some of them didn't know what tasting was until you showed them. You awoke their mouths, gave them a taste for something and created a desire they will never forget as long as they live. That's their life they're remembering, being brought back to, maybe forgotten so long it was almost dead. But from the flavor, they'll remember and their heads will raise.

"Today. It's right here. I can use it, taste it, live it."

That's what you'll have done.

And then, a today a little further off, you'll see a smile waiting for you just ahead. And you'll go toward it, knowing you are the reason for it.

Can you imagine it? I hope you can. Use what's around you, whatever you have, and don't put it off with excuses. You have to realize what an incredible opportunity you have before you. Don't give in to pressure to make you forget! Can you even imagine what this knowledge is really worth? And what will it be worth if you forget, give into doubts and let another today slip by?

Today, the next day, and the next, they're all connected. It's true. Believe it. Choose it. Trust it. And begin your training as you run for the next today and the next….

So many people are hoping and praying for someone exactly like you, to show them what you know. But you can only be the one if you decide today.


Continue the thoughts at Dick Staub's blog today. Something in the air…

6 Responses to “It Starts Today”

  1. Amazing truths. My favorite scene is The Matrix. Finally, he believes in who he REALLY is, and when he does, nothing is impossible. He was always “the one”. He didn’t just suddenly become it. The only thing that changed was his understanding and belief in the truth that already existed.
    We too have already been given all we need. All authority, all power and grace and love to accomplish our destiny. The only thing that awaits is our decision.
    Thanks so much for this…

  2. Loved this blog!! In fact, I had partially written a blog myself and then laid it aside for days. As soon as I closed yours out, I got busy finishing what I had begun. Just posted it here: http://www.atthescentofwater.blogspot.com. Thanks for the encouragement, Mick. I also took a quote from your post, printed it out and posted it on my desk as a daily reminder. “If you will think ahead to a day down the road when it’s all been done and you’ve become…” I’m working on it. Cathee

  3. Life changing words Mick. I have read this multiple times a day since you first posted. I have also shared it with other writers who, like me, have a passionate desire to write, yet struggle with wondering if it is the right time or if their words are really needed.
    Thanks for this today. I wish I had the words to express how much your words have impacted my life. All I can say is that I’m at the feet of Jesus because of them, and there’s no place else I’d rather be.

  4. Mick says:

    This was from a pep talk I gave a long-time friend and confidant. I felt it speaking to me for a while and finally had to write it down again. We write to make things live apart from us so we can look at them and see how they look in the light of day. I think this one looks pretty good…
    Thanks for the kind words. You all take the thoughts and make them more with yours. May you feel the wind in your sails this week, the gentle hand at your back, urging you to trust and believe.

  5. Tina F says:

    This is a great post, Mick. I am glad you are blogging more! Good stuff.

  6. I just found this by coming to your wall on fb~ So grateful I did! Yes! I need to show them what I know! What He has shown me through the years…tears…and joys!
    God bless you, Mick!

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