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Interview with Donald Miller

I don’t usually post today, but this is a quickie.

A friend pointed me to an interview with Don Miller at The Wittenburg Door that I just had to give a link. You know it’s going to be good already, but you hope they’ll get to some real meat and take off the the gloves to speak frankly and without any “bullsh*t.”

Looks like mission accomplished to me:

DOOR: Why do you feel that your style of writing is not a commodity in this exploding multimillion dollar Christian publishing market?
MILLER: My style of writing just isn’t so much self-help kind of stuff. It’s going to offend some people because it’s raw, real and it’s scary because there is stuff in there that I don’t feel comfortable being that vulnerable about but there it is. A lot of books that come out of Christian publishing companies read like press releases. They are just perfect and they’re not offending anybody in their demographic, the author is very careful to show how humble he is, and how accomplished he or she is, it just reads like a bunch of bullsh*t to me.
DOOR: Why do you think Thomas Nelson considers this their riskiest book to date?
MILLER: I think it’s a very honest book. The more I talk to evangelical publishers, the more I realize they want to print books for real people but a very, very small handful of book store owners just won’t have it. So they tend to cater to those people, but they desire to do more books like “Blue Like Jazz,” and I hope they eventually can print people like Ann Lamott and perhaps more literary titles that deal with humanity the way that Solomon does in Song of Solomon.

The interview.

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  1. Another cool interview (from the unreleased Relevant Magazine) http://www.burnsidewriterscollective.com/downloads/relevant_article.pdf

  2. Mick says:

    Great link, Doc. Thanks!

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