Interview with Andrew Klavan

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"But here’s the funny part. Becoming a Christian actually made me less likely to use Christian symbolism and structures in my work because now I see Christ’s presence underlying all of life—I don’t have to place Him there artistically. Baptism made me more of a realist, more willing to let each character go his own way and tell his own story as he would. I’m a novelist, remember, not a preacher. I trust reality to express Christ’s presence, because I think that’s what it actually does."

Interview: Hard-boiled mystery writer Andrew Klavan on becoming a Christian and “seeing the world more clearly as it is”

Sharing is nice

5 thoughts on “Interview with Andrew Klavan”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Mick. The interview is awesome. (And I finally renewed my lapsed World mag subscription!)
    I wish more Christian authors thought along Klavan’s lines.

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