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A Progressive Publishing Program, Part 2: The Write-Site Invite (and a special offer that’s outta sight!)

Today, Good Friday, I launch the new site I’ve spent over 7 years dreaming of, slaving over, refining and developing. This work in progress has forced me to pass up several previous target dates, but I've fought back perfectionism, false hopes, weaker stories, and I believe it's all been worthwhile. YWG Print 3D

But the idea does still give me goose bumps. And it's ready for business.

It probably all started with that phrase I hear every time I go to a writers conference. "God told me to write this book." And almost as often, I hear some publishing expert share on the panel how that makes their ears bleed.

I'm sorry, but those who make such comments are just saying it's not adequate proof that you're ready to be published. But neither is that good reason to discount the fact, let alone deny, that inspired words come from somewhere higher. And some are literally ordained wordsmiths.

Yes, I said ordained wordsmiths. Plug your ears "experts" but God reveals himself to lowly, unwashed writers. I know. Horrifying. And if more industry professionals were listening, maybe he'd be heard and seen more often through these writers. 

Is this a problem? I happen to think so, and maybe it isn't on par with AIDS in Africa or the Japan nuclear crisis, but then again maybe it is. Maybe God wants to speak to stutterers through bushes, and the crafting and preparing of their words is being cut off Tumblr_lh1n89GwtC1qasvo8o1_400 too soon. How will writers ever become like a mighty, well-watered tree?

So until the industry begins listening with their hearts more often than their heads, I'm offering professional coaching through this new website for the forseeable future. 

No, I haven't yet successfully cloned myself, so I'm still a limited commodity. Membership will involve some sharing of my eyeballs with other members. But the publishing program and community will eventually cover all writerly questions from most to least important. Of course, some writers don't like waiting or sharing, but that's okay. They can still get me for free if they want (why is it always the authors who need the most help are often the most unwilling to receive it?).

If you've been to a writers conference, you'll get the idea of this immediately. If you ever wished for a program that would organize all the classes you wanted to take and put them in order, from writing to editing, to networking and publishing, that's what this is. But what's bigger–if you've ever wished for a high-paid writing coach, editor or consultant, that's also what this is. You get all my top training and guidance as a high-paid editing coach without the high cost.  

And that's why I've been like a monkey with a banana about this for so long. This program virtually eliminates the barriers to becoming a great writer.

Now as I said last time, there's a lot of publishing advice out there and a little of it is actually helpful. But what about useful writing advice? Could a progressive writing community help you finally give your work what it deserves and complete the vision you first had?

The special offer is all about reaching out: by liking what you read and connecting people you like to the community. The cost of about $1.30 a day can be reduced by 15% ($6.50) off your next month for each new member who mentions you referred them.

That's like getting all my best help and writing motivation for helping your friends stay motivated in their writing. Actually, it's exactly like that.

The bottom line: a limited number of authors who choose not to publish too soon, but commit to the inspired message burning in their hearts will receive weekly assistance from me and the rapidly-expanding YWG community in completing their task well and writing great books for a higher purpose.

[Cue the tap-dancing bear.]

In the exclusive monthly newsletter (the free version is shorter), I'll tell you what’s required from a professional editor’s perspective and break down the steps. And find one friend and it's about $1/day for training, a writing coach, weekly motivation and tons more fun.

So come on over and let me know what you think: www.yourwritersgroup-beta.com

If you're just stopping by, there’s lots more explanation at the site—and a lot more fun to come.

One Response to “A Progressive Publishing Program, Part 2: The Write-Site Invite (and a special offer that’s outta sight!)”

  1. Kathleen says:

    The link didn’t link, but copy and paste works for such a hook. :) Couldn’t wait to get over to your new sight. It looks great. Lots of work and thought invested is obvious.
    Your head and your heart are connected. Your desire to connect us is generous. Holly Miller asked us at Mt. Hermon, “Do you write to change an afternoon, or change lives.” Both are good, Both are needed. And encouragement to do so is needed. Thank you!

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