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Geeky Writers Unite!

I admit it: I’m sort of strange. I’ve got over-active imagination disorder. I’m a bit of a geek and all my experience as a self-conscious, self-focused teenager is hard to shake. I realized recently that I tend to be protective of my geekiness as though it entitles me to eccentricity and wearing mismatched socks and being standoffish. I don’t know if it’s something Paxil could fix, but I’m not exactly comfortable with it. It’s hard feeling selfish and guilty for being the way I am all the time.

But I think it would help if somehow all the geeks who are like this could come out and admit it and band together to proudly declare that we forfeit our right to coolness. That would be very healing, I think, for a lot of us. Then the cool people could have their shallow world and we could just go about our own geeky deepness in peace.

So here’s the call to throw out your psychological damages and the scorecards you’ve been carrying around since junior high and just give it all up. You know what I’m saying.

Now all I suppose I have to do is go out and find some cool people to surrender to…

3 Responses to “Geeky Writers Unite!”

  1. Katie Hart says:

    I’m from the faith in fiction bunch. Found your blog the same way I found what company you work for (don’t worry, I won’t breathe it to a soul). I’m writer who’s never been part of the cool bunch, but not really in the geeky either. But I guess when you’re homeschooled and have eight younger siblings, weird is the only word that fits. :)

  2. Mikal says:

    Hey! I’M A GEEK! And I proudly wear the badge.
    Oh, and my “core group” of friends are all geeks, too. Since they haven’t read this yet, I’ll declare their geekhood for them:
    Denise is a geek!
    Jason is a geek!
    Tara is a geek!
    Mike is a geek!
    Mary Jane is a geek! (Okay, I haven’t cleared this with Mary Jane yet, but since the conversation we’re having through email right now is odd in the extreme—think invisible friends—I’m going to declare it for her anyway.)
    Thanks, King Geek. :)

  3. Mick says:

    Nope. Nice try Mikal and Katie. You are too cool to be considered among the elites in my geek-dom. Better get rid of those cool books and projects on your desks and start playing in a handbell choir or something….

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