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Four-Minute Blog Post for Time-Starved Writers

This is an experiment in speed–how much can I say in 4 minutes? That's all that's left of my time today. It's been getting away from me, as some have noticed, this writing regularly thing. I could blame the season of preparation, or the insane cold we've been having, the mountain of work waiting to be checked off before vacation travel, etc. But priorities are priorities, and I've always considered this blog a top one (ridiculous as that may be to some).

So how do YOU stay on top of the things you really want to do? When duty and responsibilities dictate your time, how do you remain active in pursuing those things that don't produce a quantifiable result, but that take you to where you really want to go?

My own process of prioritizing has changed several times over the course of my adult life. The decade I've been in a professional role, I've probably changed 6 times, adjusting as needed or as the inspiration struck. Basically, I'd find myself under water and realize that I needed to do something besides sputter and thrash. You may think others don't struggle with this, but any writer or publishing pro who's not drowning has surely experienced their share of sputtering. And you can take that to the bank.

I've got 30 seconds, but I think the secret is making use of the time you do have–whatever it is. Stolen minutes are all we have anyway. Using them wisely is a matter of recognizing what's driving you and doing it. Making no excuses and hacking out the precious moments where they appear (Yes, that was a hidden ad, did you notice?).

I'm going to quit complaining about the time I have or don't have. I'm going to take the few minutes I can and just write them full. Let this be your inspiration to do the same and we'll see what comes of it in the new year. I'm thinking it's the only thing that will really work and the rest of our responsibilities will fall in line. Or not. But either way, we'll have produced something.

And that's saying something. Which is better than nothing.


5 Responses to “Four-Minute Blog Post for Time-Starved Writers”

  1. Speaking of driving, always keep a novel and notebook/pencil in the car (not a pen because the ink will freeze).

  2. Miss Audrey says:

    Hi there. Most likely no-one but you, and maybe not even you, will read this late-dated post. I’m going to gabber back at you for my own four precious minutes…
    Been working on this being a writer thing for a long time now. I’m getting closer and closer to seeing my publishing dreams becoming a reality. As time goes by, which it does, I’ve somehow never lost the vision or given up the dream. Maybe it’s because I believe in what I’m working towards. Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to give up. Maybe it’s because it’s something bigger than myself – yes, that’s it. Something bigger than myself!
    Thank you for this blog Mick. It’s such a great opportunity to be able to get insigts from your expertise. Even more importantly though, it’s good to belong.
    Thirty seconds.
    Happy New Year! May God bless you abundantly this coming year !
    Add a couple of extra minutes to proof read and there you go!

  3. Every time I open to this site I chastise myself for not coming with more consistency. This is the kind of writing that makes me think, spurs me on to excellence, and makes me proud to call myself a writer. We all do what we want to do and I want to read what you write. It is rare and precious.BTW – I think it was through this blog that I connected with Ann Voskamp. She has become another staple. My gratitude to you for linking us.

  4. Winsock hook says:

    I agree on what Rebecca Grabill posted..
    Not a pen because the ink will freeze..

  5. Shawn says:

    I find that my best ideas are always in the shower but I have yet to find any way to record them. Maybe kids’ soap-based finger paints for the walls?
    Choose Your Own Adventure Stories for Kids and Adults

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