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Feb ’07 NY Times article on Flannery O’Connor

In Search of Flannery O’Connor

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  1. I’m just now reading Flannery for the first time. I’m reading through a collection of short stories.

  2. Reading through this article I can almost taste the awe with which the writer toured the places and encountered the faces of O’Connor’s life and times.
    I felt a similar camaraderie at eighteen when visiting Dickens’ house in London, then again last May when standing before the steps of the Keats / Shelley house abreast the Spanish Steps in Rome; even walking through the town of Monterey, Ca where Steinbeck spent so much of his time.
    There is something almost tangible that resides in these places – a spirit of creativity that requires moments of silence, not to glorify man, but the one who embodies all inspiration.

  3. The author of this article wrote: “She died young, but not without saying what she wanted to say.”
    Presumptions aside, isn’t this the sort of epitaph we all hope for? Maybe not the “…died young…” part so much, but the rest.
    It does make me pause to consider my own writing…am I saying what I want to say?

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