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Faith in Fiction and the Arts

Tonight I feel compelled to let my faithful readers (all two of you) know about two indispensible sites, from which I will be stealing (let’s call it “sharing”) much of my principled discussions and foundational ideas.

The first is Dave Long’s “Faith in Fiction” forum here: http://p220.ezboard.com/bfaithinfiction

The second is Greg Wolfe’s brand spankin’ new Image Journal Forum outfit here: http://forum.imagejournal.org

Though I don’t typically consider myself a raving patriot, both of these sites illicit a response in me along the lines of, “Is this a great country, or what?” Dave’s schtick is increasing the talent pool and expanding the literary sensibility of the CBA fiction market from his post as top fiction acquisitions dog at Bethany/Baker. Greg is a literal walking database of knowledge and insight into the larger world of working Christian arts (with a more decidedly acedemic/orthodox bent). Both get my vote for sites of the week/month/decade since there’s nothing that holds a candle to them that I’m aware of. And since I have no special award or grant money to bestow on either of them, I’m simply hoping that both my readers will consider them in their evening prayers and be encouraged that they aren’t alone in their desire to see more support like this in the much-neglected area of Christian arts.

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  1. Pat says:

    I LOVE Dave Long’s blog and have been reading it for months. He is very inspiring and knows so much about writing/books. I’ve changed my reading habits thanks to him and have read some great books well outside the CBA. I’ve also changed my idea about what I want to write. After writing three books for a CBA audience, I’m writing one for the ABA.

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