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Fellow self-proclaimed geeks, is our alienation unavoidable?

Is it a part of our “rite of passage” that every one of us must pass through this stage of only being able to create familiar and obvious expressions? Is it something we simply must pass through in order to realize our intelligence and talent, and stop blaming the Neanderthals’ jealousy and small-mindedness?

Experience tells me that most our opinions and ideas, former dreams and underdeveloped talents are just sad, pathetic pieces of dookie to the shining examples of beauty they will one day be. You’ll see my journey toward ddeper understanding on this blog because I think it’s okay that we’re all like this. At least it’s real dookie and not just unshared potential. Eventually it won’t be dookie anymore if we keep at it and accept it and move on. Whether we’re struggling over poetry, fiction, photography, film, paint, dance, basket weaving, or whatever, it’s a stage in our development and we shouldn’t shy away from it. Get it done with. Just don’t go submitting it to contests and publishers too soon. You simply aren’t the geek you will one day be. That’s fine. Keep at it. Soon—and probably sooner than later—you’ll have much more than the common clichés and familiar characters. Soon enough, once your technique has been developed and your geekiness sufficiently honed, you won’t be hounded by the same problems of being such an obvious, inexperienced geek.

Soon, you’ll be an obvious, experienced geek. And isn’t that like a hundred times better?

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