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Critique Form

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Critique Form  [Download here: MSE Critique form]


Author / title:                                                                           Critiquer’s name:

Writing that’s satisfying evokes unique emotions and thoughts. As the writer’s intended ideal reader, how would you encourage and help them improve?


What does this piece make you feel?

What thoughts did it give you?

  1. Does the opening hook you? Y/N
  2. Is it unique and insightful and realistic? Y/N
  3. Does it make you feel for the main character? Y/N
  4. Is it well-organized and does it convey a depth of knowledge? Y/N
  5. Do characters have strong and understandable motivation? Y/N
  6. Is there a deeper theme? Y/N
  7. Can you see, smell, hear, and/or feel the setting? Y/N
  8. Is there good vocabulary, word choice, no cliches, interesting verbs, sentence structures, metaphors? Y/N
  9. Is it sophisticated and nuanced? Y/N
  10. Does it satisfy your expectations? Y/N


Can you explain more about any of the above?