Contest Winner!

Sharing is nice

Please congratulate J. Mark Bertrand on his enlightening and intriguing connections between the two articles posted Dec. 8th.

We’ll see what happens in our editorial discussion.

For all those who took part, thank you for your thoughts. I’ll be working with Mark to include some of his thoughts here soon. For now, go on over and get yourself acquainted with his blog.

Sharing is nice

7 thoughts on “Contest Winner!”

  1. it was fixed!
    (who didn’t think mark would win if he entered.)
    why do all the throbbing brain children of the world win the contests? i am no good at contests. perhaps i need enter them to win. hmm.
    but again, i’ve said too much.
    enjoy mark.

  2. Congrats, Mark! As if we didn’t know it would be you…Sheesh if I were a gambler, I would have put money on that one and done some serious shopping! ;-)

  3. This is off topic, but you all seem like a perfect group to ask about this–what would be your suggestions for a good read for my book club? We read a wide swath of books written by Christians, fiction and biography, recently The Narnian, Christ the Lord Out of Egypt, Straight Up and now Best Christian Short Stories. We’re looking for provocative, entertaining, well-written books that bring us farther on and deeper in. So, any ideas? thanks, Skeeter
    ps–congrats to Mark. Maybe someday my book club will read your book, if Mick will only publish it.

  4. Yeah, as soon as I saw the comment that J.Mark was sending his thoughts, my immediate reaction was: “Okay, already know who’s winning this baby!”
    haha. I was right, too.
    Congrats, JM.
    Mir<--can't wait to read the post on the subject...

  5. First, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mick and fam. Congrats, Mark. Yep, we figured:-) Well deserved, though.
    Mick, I can’t find your email anywhere. May I offer my writers’ site to your blogroll? You have my devotional site listed (Windows to My Soul) but not the other. THANKS A HEAP.